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Additional Explanation on X Configuration Scripts

Backing Up your X Configuration File

It is vital that you back up your configuration file before making any changes to it.

$> cp XF86Config XF86Config.bck

should establish a backup file. If anything goes wrong, one can go into safe mode (or open a simple console) and then type in

$> cp XF86Config.bck XF86Config

under the appropriate directory to revert changes and return to a working state. The path to find your X configuration script is typically /etc/X11 or some variant such as /etc/XF86Config. You will need to log in as root to edit files.

About Dual-head Script

These scripts are hard to comprehend at first, so I included mine as an example. It can be easily hacked to fit other spatial settings of monitors and different brands. Xinerama seems to break OpenGL support, which for non-gamers is often fine.

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About Ubuntu Script

I included this script because Ubuntu, by default, appears to support rather low-resolution modes such as 800x600. This is a safe choice, but is far from ideal. An adaptive choice that selects the highest possible resolution is advantageous.

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