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  • Should I invest in NASDAQ dependent shares?

    No, the NASDAQ, as I see it, will continue to suffer for quite some time and will remain stable around the 1400's. Its past highs at the 5200's back in 2000 were an enormous over-evaluation. Given the declining demand for technological products, I cannot see how this trend alters by 2003.

  • Should I invest in Dow Jones dependent shares?

    Again, I doubt the Dow's ability to return the 11,000 point level. It has remained quite stable despite the national problems and will most likely not recover throughout the anticipated war.

London Stock Exchange

Despite my relative optimism, I cannot see how it drastically strengthens within the next year.


The dollar appears to currently be too weak against the Euro and the British Pound. The Euro, in particular, will not hold its current high value for much longer.

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