Roy Schestowitz


Below are some statements of mine which reflect on my thoughts. They are not composed eloquently, but they should pass a clear message across. These assorted statements I was never able to fit elsewhere in this site.

"Top-posting is a recipe for trouble and is the result of laziness. If you use a right-handed mouse, the END button is only inches away. Use it."

     Words on the loathing of top-posting (reply about quoted text)

"Free software is the equivalent of establishing a successful commercial company whose entire revenue is given away to good causes"

"You can work for a living, or you can work for life"

     Actually, this talks about (non-chronic) addiction to work

"Words capture knowledge, but ink does not capture words."

     Reference to the need for use of electronic forms, July 2004

"A man without free time is richer than a king. He is able to focus his mind fully on his passions."

     On free time in May 17th, 2004

"Make the right choices and life will become easy."

     On choices in November 2004

"Travelling is good for nothing beyond status."

     On travelling in November 2004

"The imprisonment of a programmer in a suppressive commercial company is like forcing an artist to paint walls."

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