Roy Schestowitz

Electricity Sources for a Traveller

For those who know the feeling of being unable to find power sources on the move, I have put my notes on-line.

Air Travel

Brussels Airport

Where: in arrivals hallway, below screens, closest to passport check point (or closest to the entry to the airport shopping precinct).

Frankfurt Airport

Where: in proximity to C13, on the left side of an aisle bench, about 50 meters from the entrance to gate C13.

Istanbul Airport

Where: in central sitting area where a split exists for gates access, behind the vending machines, near mobile massage business, with panorama on the airport ground.

Manchester Airport

Where: back of Starbucks coffee shop, near gates, 50 meters from the Duty Free.

Tel Aviv Airport

Older terminal

Where: steady electricity downstairs and upstairs. Just ensure no wires are susceptible to people stepping on them as they walk (due to the large gap between seats).

Newer terminal

Where: electricity is located near the tables at the area surrounding the central 'fountains'.

Zurich Airport

  • Terminal A downstairs, near Duty Free and opposite UBS on the column; gate A65 on right side of tickets desk (when facing the parked plane at the outside).
  • Between A06 and A07 at the opposite side near the chairs.

Dulles, Washington DC

Where: There are many charging points adjacent to the telephones across Terminal B. There may be others elsewhere. Some are located under the telephone booths and some are located at the back of the same wall.

Reagan, Washington DC

Nothing too apparent was available for use.

Paris Airport

Nothing at all (yet) found in the terminals I was parked at (C and F). There were a few near the shops at terminal F, but no benches.

Train Travel

Manchester Piccadilly Train Station

Where: there is a nice bar on the upper level where it is convenient to work with a Palm keyboard. I could not find a naked outlet anywhere as yet. Apart from that, the newer models of Virgin trains have electricity supplies on board. Older models sometimes have hidden outlets in the baggage compartments, but long wires are then needed.

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