I am the author of some MATLAB demonstrations and general-purpose code which can be found on the MathWorks Web site. That code had me ranked second for popularity in July 2004, for nearly 2,000 downloads in one month. It later had me ranked second in March 2005 for a number that exceeded 2,000 and finally first position in April. Warm thanks to anyone who made use of my work.


I currently have 4 MATLAB projects that are open-source on this site.

There are plenty of examples or potential ideas for MATLAB programmers, which are derived from these projects. For example, see:

Published Code

I also published several functions and examples which you can find below.

Local copies of the code are available too.

White Papers

Below lies an ill-written document that I decided to have a go at on a quiet afternoon. It explains to beginners about MATLAB graphical user interfaces.


Or view the local copies:

Another document is concerned with HTML and MATLAB.


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