Mini-plug-in: Send a Friend

An example can be found in or Harvey Tobkes. To get this little feature included, add the following line somewhere next to the 'comments bit' in index.php:

<a href="mailto:blank?body=The article '<?php the_title(); ?>' has been sent to you. You can view it at: <?php the_permalink() ?>" title="E-mail this item to a friend">Send this to a friend</a>

You may also like to add a little image next to the link. The following I have produced using the GIMP:

Once you have added it to your list of images, add the following code prior to/after the previous block of code:

<img src="images/icon_mail.gif" alt="Mail" />

This is extremely simple and less sophisticated than it could/should have been. I will welcome feedback.

This page was last modified on January 13th, 2005 Maintained by Roy Schestowitz