WP2PDF Time Bug/Fix

I am uncertain as to whether I spotted a bug, but in WP2PDF version 0.4.2 I was unable to run the scripts successfully. I use WordPress 1.2.1 and I had to change one of the files (rename and omit bits from 2 functions) in order to avoid a fatal error.

In case it is of use for somebody else debugging, under wp2pdf_bloginc.php, change corresponding functions to:

function get_the_time( $d = '' ) {
   if ( '' == $d )
      $the_time = '';
      $the_time = '';
   return apply_filters('get_the_time', $the_time);

function wp2pdf_the_time ( $d = '', $echo = true ) {
   $the_time = apply_filters('the_time', get_the_time ($d ), $d);
   if ($echo) {
      echo $the_time;
   } else {
      return $the_time;

Then, go to the WP2PDF Administration Panel (/admin/setup.php) and ensure that time can never be displayed in the output PDF.

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