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4. Contents of the source package

Now that it is known how to run KMD, here is a brief description of the files included. The C components of the application are currently:

  1. breakcalls
  2. breaksupport
  3. breakview
  4. callbacks
  5. chump
  6. dotparse
  7. emulcore
  8. emulmips
  9. flash
  10. interface
  11. jimulator
  12. misc
  13. serial
  14. view

In the centre of the application, it is 'interface' which runs when we invoke KMD. It will process the parameters that we give in the command line and will then move on to processing the GTK display list. The control is passed to 'view' where windows and frames are created and events occuring invoke the callback functions which are to be found in 'callbacks'.

Various images used by the application are all sotred within a subdirectory called 'pixmaps'. Also, a file called '.komodo' must exist within your home directory in order to retrieve data to be parsed by the application.

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