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Strain analysis

An exploration around strain analysis may be required in order to devise a new algorithm based on a `triple sandwich' approach, wherein acquisition of images of the human heart have clippings/occlusions in three dimension such that only a small cube is isolated for analysis or some form of tagging.

To use http://www.ecourses.ou.edu/cgi-bin/eBook.cgi?doc=&topic=me&chap_sec=07.1&page=theorya figure from Kurt Gramoll of the University of Oklahoma (Figure [*]), for a given element such as the one shown in Figure [*], stresses along the four sides are denoted by subscripts $xy$ and $yx$ (in 2-D). Ways exist for calculating different types of stresses based on different parameters, including angles in some cases.

Figure: Sign convention for stress element (image from Kurt Gramoll)
Image Kurt-Gramoll-cube

Roy Schestowitz 2010-12-25