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Tools: Thoughts, Pseudo-code, and Planning



January $5^{th}$ onwards, 2004

Tools to Develop

  1. Given input an volume, output filename (and possibly some magnitude), apply NRR warps to the volume and save it.
  2. Given a volume and two warp lists, resolve the trajectories of the two warp lists and get the mapping of volume points for both. Usually, one of the two warp lists will be the correct one. The tool should calculate, using a measure like SSD, a measure of discrepancy (or difference between one warp and another).

Output Images

This is essentially a perturbation function with some I/O. Here are the steps expressed as pseudo-code:

Alternative Idea

To perturb data, can re-use existing tools as follows:

We now have what we need. To control the magnitude of perturbation, you can:

¤^3¤Îʸ 12ñ¤Ë¤Ä¤¤¤Æ...

Tools: Thoughts, Pseudo-code, and Planning

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