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Experimental Plan for
Assessment of Non-Rigid Registration in 3-D


This collection of notes will be treated as an experimental plan. For context, relevant background is prepended as well. Herein it is assumed that 3-D data, which has been non-rigidly registered in advance, is available for assessment of the quality of registration. Granted, 4 different registrations are put to the test and a distinguishable difference - in terms of quality - exists among them. The document describes steps which need to be taken in order to evaluate and compare these 4 registrations of one 3-D brain dataset. Each registration makes use of a different algorithm, the intent being to conduct a benchmark-type study. In order to ensure that this laborious process is fruitful, it is vital to run evaluations in parallel, assessing the results as they emerge and get gradually refined.

Roy Schestowitz 2007-03-11