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[1] W. R. Crum, O. Camara, D. Rueckert, K. Bhatia, M. Jenkinson, and D. L. G. Hill. Generalised overlap measures for assessment of pairwise and groupwise image registration and segmentation. In Proceedings of MICCAI, 3749:99-106, 2005.

[2] C. J. Twining, T.F. Cootes, S. Marsland, S. V. Petrovic, R. S. Schestowitz, and C. J. Taylor. A unified information-theoretic approach to groupwise non-rigid registration and model building. In Information Processing in Medical Imaging, 3565:1-14, 2005.

3#3 = 25#25

Roy Schestowitz 2006-04-22