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Research Proposal Draft

Roy Schestowitz

January 7th, 2003

1 Background

Many data vendors and financial service suppliers extract data from authorised sources of real-time data. It is common to display this data in terms of a ticker1, charts or figures and to navigate via symbol lookup, where mouse clicks are the primary stimuli within the system.

2 The Problem

Is this the ideal way of obtaining data or is this only a conventional preference? Is symbol lookup the ideal form of interacting with data? Are keyboards and mice the only acceptable means of interaction?

3 Research

This project attempts to:

Nevertheless, it does not attempt to generate more complex graphs or analyse trends.

4 Contribution of Research

5 Examples

The following present a few preliminary suggestions:

6 Enquiry Methods

Publications and literature on interfaces and alternative forms of interaction can encourage innovation and inspiration. Experimentation with newly implemented systems will later produce the wanted statistics.

7 Progression

The project will initially involve a great deal of research in conjunction with the proposal of new interfaces and interactions. At a later stage, these will be implemented and tested for correctness and reliability. The last stage will involve appraisal of different systems by multiple users and conclusion will be discussed to form a dissertation.

8 Experience and Skills

I am coming from a background of software engineering with some practical work experience in software development, retrieval and presentation of data.

My professional interests include user interfaces, computer graphics, OO programming and the global economy.


... ticker1
Dynamic repetitive display of figures.
... experiment2
Experimentation will involve provisional users and will draw some constructive conclusions.

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