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Re: Spam

Much have been done, said and reported on the issue of
spam. What I am about to say does not in any way relate to
what I have read, but rather what I have learned and

1) Best way to prevent spam is to keep a 'low profile' i.e.
only disclose your address to close friends and sites you
can trust, e.g. your bank, a job application system and

2) When giving your E-mail (often compulsory; You often see
the annoying * in certain fields) think if:

	a) You could scribble an address like aa@aa.aa and get
away with it, for example if you do not need to rely on
their messages that are sent to you and no E-mail
confirmation is required (two way acknowledgement).

	b) You ought to even complete that application form or
registration process.

3) Always look at the fine prints if you have given your
E-mail address. Many sites trick you into ticking some box
which authorises newsletters and such.

4) Choose an E-mail address that is not obvious( for
example tony1000@hotmail.com would be bad). You have a
better chance of getting away from random spammers if your
domain is rare too.

5) On the issue of subscriptions, try to find reply
addresses (usually small fonts at the bottom) that will
'unsubscribe' you.

6) Don't respond to spam.

7) I explicitly discourage friends when they forward mail
to me. There is nothing that I hate more than a message
from an acquaintance that is in no way relevant to me.

You might think that the above suggestions will not work,
but did I neglect to mention that sch@danielsorogon.com is
roughly 95% clean of spam?...
    _________________ ______ ______
 __/ Roy Schestowitz \______\______\____
| Web: www.danielsorogon.com/Webmaster |
| E-mail: sch@danielsorogon.com        |

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