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Re: [wp-hackers] Comment rating - a feature request

Quoting Doug Stewart <dstewart@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
I have always imagined that CmdrTaco nicked it from somewhere else and hacked
some bits of it...

A distinct possibility, but IIRC Slashcode has been in existence for longer than PHP Nuke. It could be that PHP Nuke has cribbed code from Slash. *shrug*

from [ http://cmdrtaco.net/rob.shtml ]:

"Towards the end of The College Experience I began putting together all my
skills and assembled a website I obnoxiously named Slashdot, and the rest is
internet history! I combined my love of Linux and Technology with my abilities
as a webmaster to produce a site that exploded in popularity and to this day
(as I write this, 6 and a half years later) is one of the largest and most
influential sites on the net."

The earliest archive goes back to December 1997:


I guess you are possibly right then.

Have you seen the obscene amount of overlap between PHP-Nuke and Slashdot? They
even use the same language with the same typos and the same bugs. The PHP-Nuke
team named one of their base themes after Slashdot.

See above. Could be the reverse of what you're proposing.

I dared *smile*. I happily run two sites on it.

You're a better man than I. Every single one of my [Post|PHP]Nuke experiences has been marred with difficult upgrades, finnicky templates, a distinct lack of documentation and long-way-round-the-horn solutions to problems that ought to be easy.

I've been replacing our intranet *Nuke solutions with WP as the CMS.  My
content creators and communications dept. couldn't be happier.

For the heavier-weight stuff, I've been pondering Mamboserver.

Mambo drives our LUG's Web site. My colleague who runs it seems satisfied with
it, although he has a great deal of respect to WordPress, which I recommended
to him all along. He wanted a CMS/announcement platform rather than a blogging
package. WordPress is called a "publishing platform", but is best renowned as a
"blog thingie".


Roy S. Schestowitz

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