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Re: [wp-hackers] 1.5.2

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Each time it appears as if the final ("Grand") update has come around and yet
another one comes around and demands attention.

Software will never be "complete".

The only big pro I can think of are people installing WordPress for the first time.

There are a lot of niggling bugs in Each WordPress upgrade has been _painless_ for me, and I'd venture for most other folks, too. It's not too hard to download, run upgrade.php, and enjoy all the new bugfixes.

of Webmasters feel like they use a stable version that is out-of-date? Then
there emerges the fear over security issues. Not everyone keeps track of what
the changes between releases actually are. I can't stress the latter point
strongly enough...

I would suggest that before a 1.5.2 release, we make a concerted effort to audit all mechanisms that accept user input, and make sure that exploits are as mitigated against as possible.

As for what to put in, I say all the requested plugin hooks: they're easy to implement and don't significantly change current behavior.

XMLRPC and post-by-email should trigger publish_post, if they don't yet.

Future-dated posts should not generate pings.

Adding the new search plugin would be useful, to get it into people's lives before 1.6, when there's likely going to be a fresh rush of people looking for support.

I'd be tickled to see my WP-DB Backup plugin bundled with (or rolled in) the main download. The new version is super sexy, thanks to Owen. Now if only I could find someone to write a "Restore" routine for me... =)

Would now be a good time for the "4 spaces to tabs" conversion?

What about the update service?
I really think this is a good idea.

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