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Re: [linux-users] PC sold with Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Wait until you need to compile or even just install something essential...
scanner  software, GCC, TrueType fonts or some arbitrary software from the
Net.  Trust me, get CD's 4 and 5 before it becomes a burden. Every week  I
discover yet another reason why I need these.

Sure, I just meant that most people can get the CDs elsewhere, or will use another distro and CDs 1-3 are enough to get up and running.

Apart from that it seems fine so far. I had some problems configuring X but I think that's my monitor rather than the graphics card, which is standard Intel one.

No, the video card is problematic. I tried different monitors too. I am not alone in this, trust me. Others have tried a larger variety of dis- tros. I could once get Ubuntu to detect the monitor marvellously well. However, it worked with the previous eSys unit, which got returned due to a promature hard-drive crash.

After installing an os I am familiar with (Suse 9.3) and looking again
at the bios setup facilities available in this board I found that to use
the on-board video I needed to set 'Primary Graphics Adapter' to 'on
chip VGA', and on chip VGA mode to 8MB which was the largest offered.

The tip above has got me normal video access so it was the card, or at least the BIOS settings. Can't say I would have figured that one out on my own. Even knowing what I was looking for it took a fair bit of searching in the BIOS to find it!



-- Iain Roberts



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