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Re: Quality of figures

> [André]
> Just one more question about the background image. Here, and in the  doc
> you
> sent, too, the picture looks like a badly compressed jpeg,  although we
> feed a
> nice clean eps. I found no information about this,  neither in the
> graphicx nor
> in the eso-pic documentation. Do you have  an idea?

Read the chapter about converters in the customization manual, it describes
how LyX chooses a suitable conversion chain. It is possible that this chain
contains jpeg, that would explain the compression.

> [Roy]
> Good and fair point. *smile* My image was of low quality to begin with
> and at compilation time it was compressed further. From my experience,
> LyX compresses graphics strongly by default.

No. It is the converter that decides whether to compress or not. If the
default converter from ImageMagick is not doing what you want, add a custom
converter in Edit->Preferences.

> [Roy]
> My LaTeX compiler likes PNG and the like, but not EPS. I use the GIMP
> (gimp.org) for format conversions. But 'convert' from ImageMagick can do
> likewise rapidly.

Uwe wrote it already: pdflatex likes png, jpeg and pdf. latex likes eps and
ps. Everything else must be converted. FAIK this is identical in all TeX

> [André]
> Yeah, I am using convert for such stuff, too. Funny enough, pdflatex 
> launched from LyX works fine with eps, but not from the command line.

Because LyX converts the image for you if you create the file from LyX. It
does not convert the image if you export the file to .tex (this will be
fixed in 1.4.0).


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