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Re: increase size of figure and table captions

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> _____/ On Mon 05 Dec 2005 03:41:04 GMT, [Matthew.Kelly] wrote : \_____
>> Hi all,
>> I apologise that this is a trivial question that would probably be
>> answered with just a little digging.
>> One of the examiners of my thesis decided that the figure and table
>> captions were too small, so I was wondering what the best way of
>> making them bigger. Currently they are the same font size as the
>> text. If there is no easy way I will just spend the same time making
>> up a reason that this is the appropriate size for captions.
>> Matthew
> Hi,
> Captions  should usually be smaller than standard text and most 
> templates enforce this. Yet, anyone who makes a big fuss over it is most
> likely dis- tracted by unimportant detail. Either way, the naive
> solution:
> * Highlight the caption text
> * Go to the Layout menu item
> * Open the "Character..." window
> * Change size to "Small" or "Smaller"
> * Press Apply/OK
> If  you built your document in a way whereby captions can be
> distinguished
> from  text (perhaps a float caption), then you can modify the style
> appro-
> priately  in the Preamble. LaTeX is not a strong skill of mine, so I
> can't
> give  you  a snippet of code. This rids you from the need to  change 
> many captions repeatedly with the risk of forgetting to change a few.
> Hope it helps,

A better way would be to redefine the caption environment. Herbert Voß's
tips and tricks pages at http://tug.org/TeXnik/mainFAQ.cgi/ (available as
a link from www.lyx.org too...) have all sorts of mind blowing magic.

In this particular case, I've used the following in my preamble in the

%% Set the captions to be italic
   \begin{center}\figurename\ \thefigure :\ #1\end{center}\upshape}

Adjust to suit.


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