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Re: [wp-hackers] JS based upload

_____/ On Thu 01 Sep 2005 05:34:02 BST, [Robert Deaton] wrote : \_____
On 9/1/05, Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
_____/ On Thu 01 Sep 2005 04:23:28 BST, [Robert Deaton] wrote : \_____
> On 8/31/05, Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> _____/ On Wed 31 Aug 2005 23:28:22 BST, [Matt Mullenweg] wrote : \_____
>>> I would love something like this for our post screen:
>>> http://drupal.org/node/28483
>> This looks like one of 3 (or 4) methods of uploading photos in Gallery
>> (re-use?), only with a visual progress bar, which can probably be
>> composed of
>> GIF animations if necessary.
> Not a visual progress bar (NOTE: yet..). PHP doesn't support any
> methods of finding the status of a file upload in another thread (like
> Ruby on Rails does). There are patches for PHP, but it'll be a while
> before they're installed on enough machines for us to get use out of
> them.

I understand your point. In that case, rather than worry about PHP
patches/compatibility, use a workaround solution. Fragment the file at the
user's end, then upload and merge at the end. The user knows how many
'packets' are sent and can use AJAX-like technique to modify solely the
state of
the bar in (almost) real-time. There would be a performance penalty,
but it can
win over dial-up users, who are often left in the dark as far as progress is


Javascript doesn't have direct access to files, thus it can't be done.

A fellow WordPresser seems to have implemeted this already:



Roy S. Schestowitz

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