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Re: [Rssowl-users] My RSSowl wishlist

_____/ On Fri 24 Feb 2006 10:52:20 GMT, [Federico Coppola] wrote : \_____

Hi there,

Hi Federico,

I'm a very happy user of RSSowl, and I'd like to share with you my
wishlist, thinking it will improve RSSowl usability and versatility.

- - I'd like to have an option to open all links in the news content
(not only the news link) on machine's default browser instead of the
built in browser.

Tools -> Preferences -> General -> Open any news automatically in browser

- - I'd like to have a "BlogThis" option (for example in the contextual
menu of a news header), to execute actions such as invoking an URL
with some token ($author, $url, $newtitle, and so on) substitution.

I think that would be nice as an advanced feature.

- - A way to "subscribe" to post comments. Many sites, publishing posts
as http://domain.tld/year/month/day/title_of_post/, also publish
comments feeds as http://domain.tld/year/month/day/title_of_post/feed.
In the same way of the "Discover newsfeeds on a website" feature, I
think it could be easy to implement a "Discover comments feeds on this

There is no standard, in the context of RSS (which in itself is not properly
standardised), which indicates where comment feeds reside. You are referring
to WordPress (/et al/) feed URL's in the above, yet there is no guarantee
that such feeds exist and can be identified correctly.

Moreover, such feeds will only be available in a minority of cases for many
users of an aggregator -- those who follow sites without visitor
involvement. If implemented, this could lead to clutter and thus user
frustration with GUI controls that are too fine, serve no function or are

I hope I have explained it all, if not don't hesitate to ask me for

These were good suggestions overall.


With kind regards,


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