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Re: [Rssowl-users] proxy or webserver problem

_____/ On Fri 03 Mar 2006 07:27:12 GMT, [Benjamin Pasero] wrote : \_____

Geercken Uwe wrote:

hello everybody,


I have a problem with our proxy, which requires username
and password:

I can download and view rss feeds on the web. I can also
access post
from servers on our company network, but strangly, when I
publish an
RSS file on our webserver - Tomcat 5 -, then I do not see
updates made
to this file.

so it looks like that I get the content of a RSS file the
first time I
request it, but I do not get subsequent updates. knowing
this, I went
around the other way and bypassed the proxy to get the file
and it did
work for the same RSS file.

can anybody help me to understand what the cause of the problem is?

my knowledge on proxy servers is not very big, but could it be that the proxy has a cache that serves the requests it gets? So when the website is updated, the proxy still has the old contents in the cache and serves that to RSSOwl?


Geercken Uwe wrote:

that is what I thought. but I have a couple of websites that I developed and are served using the same route but there I never had a problem with caching.

why should I have no problem getting a page from a webserver without a problem, but an rss file from the same webserver gives me problems.

thanks for your help anyway. I do not have a lot knowledge about proxies either, so I hope somebody else can still help.

thanks for your feedback.

Maybe you need to let your proxy know about RSSOwl's user agent. The proxy might serve
non-cached sites for Mozilla and Internet Explorer but not "RSSOwl".


While I don't know how easy/hard it is to achieve in Java, you probably ought to revise the HTTP headers. Something like:

,----[ Code ]
| Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate,
| post-check=0, pre-check=0
| Pragma: no-cache

This need not be done excessively, but I guess that since feeds are very
dynamic and light (as oppose to images for example), it would be sensible
to override cache all the time.

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