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Re: [man-lug] Interesting freebie

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
___/ On Thu 30 Mar 2006 12:21:48 BST, [ Daniel Botting ] wrote : \___

Dear all,

From the amazing lego example on www.csszengarden.com (well worth a look if you love css), I found a link to www.gr0w.co.uk.

This is a webdesign co in Chester and their colours and designs are amazing, anyhow.

I was on their website today and they have a free slideshow package that looks cool.

- http://scooch.gr0w.com/

This is one of my give back to the list where possible e-mails, unfortunately as I know only enough to be slightly dangerous.

The title (Web Standards Based Slide Show Software) lights up some red lights in my mind. See:


    (S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System)

This wonderful tool has been available for almost 2 years. I have already
used it to preparare about 50 Web-based presentations, so the above seems
like a copycat, re-use or ripoff at worst.


Thanks for letting me know.

I actually visited www.meyerweb.com the other day and I didn't see that but I think it is a wonderful site for css.

Dan <*>
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