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RE: [wp-hackers] [offtopic] "Copy as HTML Link" for Firefox

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  • From: Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 07:27:42 +0100
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___/ On Sat 27 May 2006 00:23:25 BST, [ Brian Layman ] wrote : \___

Justin crowed:
I thought you all might find this useful.
I wrote this Firefox extension that allows you to copy text as an HTML
link to the current page. Then you can paste the HTML into your blog
post or text editor or where ever you might need it. Since I prefer
not to use the TinyMCE wysiwyg editor, I find it very handy for
grabbing links to web sources.

That is a GREAT idea Justin.

At  risk of prodding an OT discussion, I agree it's a great idea. However,
"view  source  selection" is two clicks away. After that,  CTRL+A,  CTRL+C
will  have  the same effect, with extra flexibility. On top on  that,  you
have the WordPress boomarklet, which takes the highlighted text, shifts it
to  the  composing area, links to its source, and grabs the page title  at
the  same time. It is a very nice combination, provided it doesn't collide
with browser extensions.

You've inspired me!  I've created a similar tool for Maxthon and IE.  I've
been sure to send all Firefox users over to your blog and I've given you
credit for the inspiration in the installation tool.

You can find the .bat file that creates all the files and installs the menu
items in IE here:

That was a good idea... Justin.  Well done.

This will save lots of time and typing. Though I'll have to be careful not
to be a bandwidth leech by linking to too many external pictures...

Just make sure you don't import (HotLink) some Flash or GIF's, which can
become animative... *smile*


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