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RE: [wp-hackers] Subscribed @ dodgeit.com

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

> What  would be nice to have is an extension that facilitates
> posting.  It  was  over a year ago when Scoble  argued  that
> aggregators  were  all one needs (he hasn't much of  a  clue
> about  tech,  IMHO), only to realise that  participation  is
> missing.  I  prefer newsgroups myself (with KNode).  I  wish
> WordPress was a newsgroup; I could never get Gmane to work.

I actually Feeds, then Mailing Lists, then NGs last. It's a client kinda
thing. For Feeds there's a million choices for clients, for me FeedDemon
does the job just wonderfully. When it comes to email, I have Outlook (now
12) and the buck stops there.

NGs though I have ThunderBird, Opera, and Outlook Express. All of them are
cluttered and ugly - with the exception of Outlook Express 7 (the Vista one)
which I have yet to seriously sit down and use. Isn't KNode for Linux? I
love Linux, but I'm largely a desktop software author/publisher, and
unfortunately, Windows is where the money is. 

> > It uses the auto-convert feature to serve the content in RSS1/2 or
> Atom0.3/1
> > depending on the client.
> Isn't RSS 1 kind of "legacy"/backward compatibility thing?

Yep. If you're using an RSS client from the 60s (err, y2k), it'll
dynamically support it.
Same with Atom 0.3. Atom 1.0 is amazing and, IMO, the very best feed type
out there - but's just getting supported.

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