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RE: [wp-hackers] Lack of code savvy volunteers vs wp-hackers

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  • Subject: RE: [wp-hackers] Lack of code savvy volunteers vs wp-hackers
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 07:01:30 +0000
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Subject: [wp-hackers] Lack of code savvy volunteers vs wp-hackers

I'm cross posting this to both the forums and the hackers list, and
the copious amounts of sun from fishing all day, or perhaps it's the
blog posts I've read lately about the lack of focused participation in
forums/codex, but it seems after my most recent reply in the hackers
that if less time was spent by the more talented coders who know the
code on
the hackers list, and more in the forums, either via an "advanced"
forum, or
something of the sort, many birds would be killed with fewer stones...

I see more and more discussions and questions posed on the hackers list
really could be relevant to the forums, and would be more widely read
there.  Likewise, if those that frequent the hackers list spent just a
more minutes* there, some of the more technical questions that go
would get some love.  I wholly understand the desire for less "noise",
the like minded camaraderie that is shared on the hackers list, but in
spirit of growing the community, as well as embracing new users, be it
times skilled coders unfamiliar with the nuances of WP, it could
benefit the
greater discussion.

I'm not suggesting the wp-hackers list doesn't have it's place, but am
suggesting that perhaps some of the discussion isn't that far above the
general audience that it can't be shared with the masses.

I'd hate for wp-hackers to some day evolve into into something like
css-discuss, and the only real source for meaty WP support, with the
relegated to the complete newbie and sploggers.

Please don't flame me too hard, as I do have a bit of a sunburn, as well as am still stinging from being called a "maladjusted geek"...


Well, for me I confess that's why I'm here. I joined WP-Hackers after stopping providing support in the forums at Neowin and ProNetworks for general PC help. After 2 years and around 20-thousand (repetitive & unchallenging) posts for me, I wanted out. I found wp-hackers where we could discuss actually mind-boggling questions once in a while and laugh at the "how do I hack hotmail" emails without wasting my time and effort on something I have no control over.

Maybe you're right - but then again, if everyone in the NNTP newsgroups went
out and joined the general help community on online computer support forums
teh internets would be a better place.

Interesting post. I come from a similar 'background', having posted over 20,000 messages to UseNet in the past 2 years. I also tried the WordPress support forums, but found that people there are impatient and sometimes rude (at times even your 'colleagues'). In any event, wp-hackers is one of the only mailing lists which I find very professional. It encourages participation. I guess there's a divide between those who support software (sometimes supporting a commercial product without being paid) and discussing directions in development.

Best wishes,


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