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Re: [suse-kde] Synchronizing Kmail between two or more computers?

___/ On Mon 02 Oct 2006 09:51:52 BST, [ Lennart Börjeson ] wrote : \___

I would like to synchronize my local mail between two or maybe three
computers. Basic idea would be to use rsync, maybe unison or even subversion,
to upload local changes to an ssh server. Is this feasible? Has someone any
experience of this to share or maybe a recommendation for another solution?


If IMAP is not an option, why not consider having one box set as a primary and then SSH to it from the all others (much of the process can be automated). That's how I keep my mail 'in sync' across 2/3 boxes, either with KMail or Thunderbird. The only caveat, of course, is the speed of the connection. The same principles assist in keeping passwords, cookies, cache, history, etc. in a single place, without the need for Google/Moz extensions, for instance (those which retain the settings on a server).

Hope it helps,


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