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Re: [wp-hackers] WP-Hackers on Google Groups

On 10/21/06, Charles <lists06@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I made that mistake on my first post to the list (which wasn't that
> long ago)
> Now I just use Nabble.com if I see something I want to post to, and
> quite often end up replying to a few more threads I might not have
> otherwise seen.
> --
> View this message in context: http://www.nabble.com/WP-Hackers-on-
> Google-Groups-tf2480435.html#a6932335
> Sent from the Wordpress Hackers mailing list archive at Nabble.com.

Wow, Nabble sounds great.  They (1) take content from lists they don't own
without permission, (2) don't allow list owners to opt out without sending a
DMCA request to their lawyer, (3) make it very easy for bots to scrape
private email addresses for spam, and (according to their TOS) owns
everything that you post.

Whoever owns this list should think about blocking posts to and from Nabble

-- Charles

Just like about another million "nntp scraper sites" except for mailing lists.

Seeing as WP-Hackers is an email mailing list _open to the public_ and
*not* private membership nor does it come with a EULA that says you
can't use the content except in an email client, how the hell is what
Nabble does illegal?

I have a company & a website & products, and I for one would welcome
anything that gave my lists greater coverage. Not everyone can use
mailing lists with ease, and what Nabble does can't hurt you in any
way at all.

As far the scraping of email addresses goes: I could write a PHP
script to grab that info of the pipermail archives in 10 minutes flat.

Their ToS "claims" to own everything, but that's just legal nonsense
like signing a paper that says "you can't sue the company you work
for:" it's a fright tatic and inadmissible in court.

And :blink: do you seriously not know who owns this mailing list?????
It sounds more like you have bone to pick with Nabble (which I just
heard about for the first time ever), wanna explain?


Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies
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