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LyX is a LATEX front-end which runs on most platforms. Its main advantage is that it's free and its main drawback is that it's buggy (under Windows in particular).
This page will be extended later this year. If you have any questions, please come and ask me.
LyX Homepage
LyX for Windows
LyX for Mac
LyX for Linux

This version of LyX for Windows will possibly make your life easier. It is slightly buggy, but I have found some odd solutions.


Why should I use LyX and not plain LATEX?
If you are already fluent with LATEX, just stick to it. However, the LyX GUI will automate some tedious tasks and avoid the nuisance of frequent intermediate viewings.
What output types does LyX support?
The built-in formats are Postscript, PDF, DVI, TeX, ASCII Plain-text and the Linux version offers an HTML export option which proves to be useful when publishing material on the Web.
The spellchecker doesn't work. What should I do?
ASpell is quite problematic under Windows and the best thing to do is to just graft the whole LyX directory with the spellchecker in working order. Under Linux, the spellchecker fails once in a while and then erasing .spell from you home directory should solve the problem.
I can't compile the LyX file. Am I stuck?
The error messages are often not informative enough. It is sometimes helpful to find the location of the error by leaving out large parts of the text until it compiles successfully and then deal with the source of the error. It is always possible to export all text into LATEX and continue from there.

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