Roy Schestowitz

Rowing Tips

I wrote some notes for myself before undertaking a laborious rowing challenge. I put them here instead of tossing them away at the end. Several notes were inspired by Mike Spracklen.

  • If the distance is long, do not drink beforehand. This can cause chest pains while reaching peak efforts.
  • Wear short-sleeve/sleeveless shirt to avoid unnecessary friction.
  • On the ergo, try a spacing of 11 cm between the two hands.
  • Use legs for thrust, not back and arms.
  • At return, when knees bend, use the reflex off the tension of the muscles.
  • Rest arms on knees. Apply lotion to knees if possible.
  • Long motion of the arms and moderate rowing rate.
  • Decide on pace at the start. In the past I aimed for:
    • 2000m: 1:40/500m+ and less towards the end.
    • 5000m: 1:45/500m+, probably slowing down before a great effort at the end.


Secondary Notes added May 2006
  • Different ergos tend to have different speeds. Plan ahead to learn optimal pace -- that which leads to a steady speed without motivating early exhaustion
  • Consume plenty of sugars and other energy sources hours in advance. More complex carbohydrates can be found in pasta in bread. Coffee, sweets and cereal may provide a more immediate energy boosts
  • If possible, reduce friction by wearing shorter pants and apply some lotion to top of knees, which at times get in contact with the arms

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