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Re: Palm for studying

Hi Martin,

I found my Palm to be a useful tool on campus. I will list only a few points
which I am happy to say more about shall you be interested.

-Keyboard is highly essential as I found Graffiti too slow to keep up with a
-Battery life is in no way an issue.
-You will probably need to type in raw LaTeX because there is no front-end
for Palm which I am aware of. Alternatively, you can work in plain-text and
do all the conversion and formatting later in the day.
-Note Pad would allow you to draw diagrams, but it is by far inferior to
hand-written scribbles. Do not count on it much as the resolution is often a
problem as well.
-Palm works OK with Linux, but you will need to get some software from
SourceForge. I am sure it will not be a real hindrance in general.
-Which Palm OS device? I like the Sony Clie series; the Tungsten doesn't
impress me much. The M100 and M500 series would probably do everything you



"Martin Obst" <Obst@stud.fh-hannover.de> wrote in message
> Hi Forum!
> Palm seems to be the right answer to be used at the campus, long battery
> life, kind of cheap (compared to a laptop) and even wLAN.
> Now I think about using a PALM to write my scripts on it.
> With a external Keyboard - and I would like to use a LaTeX - or TeX write
> System. It would be perfect if I could link draws with the pen directly
> into the LaTeX file.
> A lot of questions to me
> 1. Which Palm would be the best for this use?
> 2. Is there a LaTeX-application for Palm? (a WYSIWYG would be great)
> 3. Easy connectable with Linux
> 4. Possibility of upgrading WLAN
> Can anyone help me?
> Thanks a lot
> Martin

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