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Re: Would like recommendation

Jon C wrote:

> "Jon C" <news@jonnythan.com> wrote in message
> news:Am79c.47649$Oo5.41317@twister.nyroc.rr.com...
>> I've never owned a palm.  I'm a scuba diver and I'm looking for a palm to
>> run some simple deco planning software and download some information from
> a
>> small serial dive logger device I have.  I'm also a device geek and kinda
>> surprised I've never gotten a palm yet.. so of course I'll end up using
>> it
> a
>> bit more and want to get something I'll be happy with.. I definitely want
> to
>> be able to add memory to it.
>> So looking on eBay for palms under $75 or so I found the m500, the Vx,
>> and
>> the IIIx.  It looks like the m500 would be the best value, but it's
> proving
>> harder than I thought to compare across various product lines.  Does
> anyone
>> have any more recommendations or insights?  They would be appreciated.
>> Oh yeah, I'm sort of assuming all of these units have a serial port on
> them
>> so I can plug this dive logger in... am I right?
>> Thanks
> Actually just found the Sony Clie SJ20.. any additional comments?

The Clie series is great. Make sure you stick to a Palm OS device and my
suggestion to you is to not necessarily settle for the M500 series or the

If I were you, I would get one of the high resolution Sony Clie and make
sure it is small enough in size (very important!).

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