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Re: query internal backup power Palm 125

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 13:41:28 -0600, Jim Anderson wrote
(in message <MPG.1bfd7c30a98e2a84989908@news.frontiernet.net>):

> On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 18:01:32 GMT, tom koehler had this to say...
>> Okay, I probably don't fit the usual image of a PDA user - I'm still using 
>> a 
>> 125 which suits me fine. That said, I'm having a problem when it is time 
>> to 
>> change batteries. When the unit was new, I could change batteries with no 
>> loss of anything, just do it. Now, however, when it is time to change 
>> batteries (always away from home) I have to reset the darn thing and start 
>> all over. I now put all the stuff I don't want to lose on my expansion 
>> chip. 
>> I can live with this solution, but I'd like to solve the puzzle which 
>> remains 
>> - what's up with the internal backup power? Is it a defunct capacitor or 
>> is 
>> it a defunct battery? (I know the logically correct answer is "yes" unless 
>> there is a third option, but am looking for a clue, here, folks)
>> Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.
>> tom k.
> It is a well known problem, the capacitor supplies a charge to RAM for a 
> short time when changing batteries. This cap fails and you lose RAM 
> contents. Some claim that when the capacitor fails it can create a short 
> circuit that can drain the batteries very quickly.

your response is helpful. As far as generic capaccitor failure goes, it can 
either open-circuit, or it can short-circuit, or it can degrade in some way 
so as to reduce its capacitance. i will investigate. Thanks.
tom k.

I will find a way or make one. 
(Most likely from Hannibal, crossing the Alps with his elephants 
during the Second Punic War about 22 centuries ago.)

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