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Re: God=G_uv proves 40k B.C. Creation

  • Subject: Re: God=G_uv proves 40k B.C. Creation
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <>
  • Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:51:06 +0100
  • Followup-to: sci.physics.relativity
  • Newsgroups: sci.physics.relativity,,
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George Hammond wrote:

>> So you in fact used to be an atheist before changing your mind. Swinging
>> back and forth like that wounds your credibility.
> [Hammond]
> Didn't seem to wound St. Paul's credibility.

right conclusions if you will...

>> > there *IS* a flaw in "Darwinian Evolution".... namely, there is a
>> > "Divine Selection" term that is missing in his theory.  SPoG proves
>> > this.  Christ!......... Darwin is actually WRONG!
>> No. That's a term you added. It's almost like shoving words in someone's
>> month and then attacking him/her.
> [Hammond]
> Hey.. your just giving us your loudmouth unsupported
> OPINION.... nobody is interested in opinions here,

Your reply suggests you are not able to give a proper answer.

> least of all yours.  I've published a proof in the peer reviewed
> literature and it's posted on my website.

It doesn't mean anything. Stop saying 'peer-reviewed' and 'my website'. It
won't impress anybody.

>> > [Hammond]
>> > Nice to hear from you Roy.
>> Sure you like the attention.
> [Hammond]
> No, I enjory hearing bigshots like you squeal when I step
> on their toes with a scientific proof of God.

Let me clarify something: the only reason these George Hammand threads go on
and on is that people are tired of the s*** that comes up in sophisticated
newsgroups. If you had not replied to any single message, your name would
have  faded by now, AND YOU KNOW IT.

Again I say what I said to you before: real scientists know how to use a
spell checker.

Roy Schestowitz

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