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Re: ASUS or Sony?

I partially work in support and I have come across a few that developed
weird problems. I think the company was willing to replace them, but new
problems kept developing. It was a similar story with Time (I _think_
that's the name).


Chef! wrote:

> what was it that you didn't like about those?
> "Roy S Schestowitz"
>> wrote in message cenclt$2nhj$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk">news:cenclt$2nhj$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk...
>> I have seen some users with Asus machines. Pathetic!
>> Roy
>> Chef! wrote:
>> > I am planning to replace my old Inspiron with a new Centrino and have
>> > shortlisted either the ASUS (several to choose from) or the new Sony
>> > S1. There doesn't seem to be a lot of postings for the ASUS machines,
>> > so
> would
>> > like to hear any feedback about build quality, aftersales service etc.
>> > The
>> > 2 yr global waaranty is very attractive as I will be emigrating
>> > shortly. I enquired with Sony about international warranties and was
>> > told it
> wasn't
>> > available which is pretty pathetic as they're a global company with
> pretty
>> > much the same goods throughout and judging by some of the comments in
> this
>> > NG re aftersales service, I am having doubts.  But I do like the spec
> and
>> > look of the S1, so if there are users of this machine, please write in.
>> >
>> > Cheers!

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