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Re: God=G_uv proves 40k B.C. Creation

  • Subject: Re: God=G_uv proves 40k B.C. Creation
  • From: Roy S Schestowitz <roy-at-schestowitz-dot-com@use-address-before-at.com>
  • Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 09:21:26 +0100
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George Hammond wrote:

> "Roy S Schestowitz" <roy-at-schestowitz-dot-com@use-address-before-at.com>
> wrote in message ch8vcl$19g$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk">news:ch8vcl$19g$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk...
>> (Errata:  Aardpig astrophysicist,
>>  not Wilkins philosophy major:)
>> I have a Bachelors degree in Physics, and a Doctorate in Astrophysics.
>> (Hammond:)
>> > ...
>> > You're an impudent prig too.  Billions suffer while
>> > you play with telescopes.
>> > ...
>> George,
>> Do you already consider yourself a saviour or our world? I think the
>> statement above is verging the pretentious. I don't see how the suffering
>> of people is related to your so-called proof. I know I did not quote you
>> fully, but the rest is nothing more but 'selling points'.
>> Roy Schestowitz
> [Hammond]
>    The significance of a "scientific proof of God" has been
> recognized for centuries.  Aristotle,  Newton, DesCartes,
> Leibnitz, Pascal and dozens of other scientists have
> recognized it to say nothing of Theologians like Aquinas.
>    Neither Religion nor Theology are considered "scientifically
> based" today.  Many claim they are merely superstitions.
> And yet the inscription "In God we trust" is on a one dollar
> bill issued by the U.S. government.
>   There are 5 billion religious adherents in the world today
> including 1.3 billion Christians.  This alone tells us that a
> scientific proof of God which will de facto elevate
> Religion from a "faith" to a "proven scientific fact" will
> have a dramatic political effect on civilization.  The major
> effect obviously will be to curb ugodly behavior, criminality
> and illegal aggression... simply due to an increased world
> unity and confidence of belief in the correctness and
> reliability of religious principles.

I know it takes us off topic, but the problems of the world today are driven
by socio-economic factors. Religion is just a disguise to the real issues.

The bottom line is that wars do not erupt between theists and atheists. They
also cannot be prevented by all agreeing on the same God.
Roy Schestowitz

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