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Re: Windows Filesystem is Broken

On 24/04/2005 Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> > MAX_PATH is defined in the Windows API as 256 and is the maximum
> > length of a full path to a file (including its name and extension).
> Why isn't that common knowledge? And where is standardisation?

Interesting, I have written apps for Windows so it's common knowledge
for me (and other developers I guess) but having poked about in Windows
help I can't find a reference to it!

> Yes, but here is my problem... like you suggest, it's not something I
> want to do every day.
> Once every 2 weeks I back up 3+ GB of data by transferring from one
> hard-drive to another. This requires several hours to complete and
> takes place while I'm away. I can never know which new locations are
> 'too long' and it might take hours until an error is flagged. If this
> occurs, I need to retry the following day, which means another day
> without my laptop.

The only thing I can think of is going through the source directories 
and checking their length, a pain but you may have to do it once only?

> I am actually waiting for my 5.5 year-old laptop to die so that I can
> buy a different machine which is Windows-free. Honestly, no offence
> towards Windows; it is just being a constant pain and yet so many
> people use it.

Yes, MS is an excellent marketing organisation, I am sure they could
successfully get a Jewish Pope elected :-)

I have just ordered an iBook, if I get on with it I will probably
switch over to Mac machines from my Windows boxes.

Jeff Gaines
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