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Re: So, Roy, about this url thing....

Big Bill wrote:

> If someone buys My First CSM and configures all the urls on his brand
> new web designer site (home page excepting) as
> http://www.example.co.uk/content.php?categoryId=38
> =39, =40 etc
> then really these aren't properly configured and an engine might be
> forgiven for not indexing them on the basis that they were only
> temporary and would likely be changed into something looking more
> permanent, like yada.php, in the future?

My use of words relating to "temporary" caused confusion. These are not
intended to be temporary in principle. The search engines will not care
either. What happens with CMS's that I know is that they haven't the
ability to change .htaccess files (where server configurations go). They
simply do not have the privileges (too risky). They leave it for you to
implement/add yourself and often give you tool to simplify the process.
When you set up the new addresses, e.g.


then the old one, namely


will still function. None of these is a static address. Rather, they only
instruct the CMS as to which record/s to fetch from the database. Choosing
to get nifty addresses is just for your own satisfaction. I don't think it
significantly affects ranks in SE's, but it definitely reflect well on your
site from a user's point-of-view. It makes your site look like it contains
many levels (depth) which are neatly organised and articles are properly
catalogued (as if you had a plan in mind from day 1).


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