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Re: To Users of Google Groups

Safalra wrote:

> Spartanicus wrote:
>> "Greg N." <yodel_dodel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >"if you use google groups, you'll be killfiled"
>> >"if you don't use your real name, you'll be killfiled"
>> >"if you use OE, you'll be killfiled"
>> >
>> >Ihat's all urban legends, oft-repeated but nonsense nonetheless.

It's probably true that threats are made much more often than messages get

>> >I mean, there might be two or three morons in the usenet world who
>> >really do that, but it is not a measurable percentage.
>> The percentage is likely to be small, but morons those people are not,
>> in fact they are likely to supply the best answers.
> I disagree - the best answers tend to come from people who are willing
> to reply to any message, even if the person breaks all the rules of
> netiquette and spells every other word incorrectly (of course, they
> also point out to the person that they've broken all the rules of
> netiquette and have spelt every other word incorrectly).

Some people answer without providing an actual answer or making the
discussion a productive one. This doesn't happen in this group though.

I agree with the earlier argument. Readers/moderators who killfile are
likely to have given the best answer. They would not have gotten that
deserved thank-you though...

>(I'm thinking of Jukka Korpela here.)

Who as well as slagging users off for poor netiquette insults them at times.

> Anway, I've never experienced any problems as a user of Google Groups
> (for three years now).


Roy S. Schestowitz

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