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Re: Traffic Counts on Alexa

www.1-script.com wrote:

> AF wrote:
>> I don't know if Alexa is important to seo, since Google seems to be
>> the top dog, but I am curious.
>> Alexa gives traffic ratings.  Alexa also says its searched are powered
>> by Google.  What determines the traffic count for Alexa?
>> And is it something worth worrying about for seo or as a webmaster?
> Alexa ranks sites based on number of visits to that site by people with
> browsers that have Alexa Toolbar plug-in installed. As such, visits by
> people without the toolbar don't count. How many people do you know that
> heard of Alexa and have the toolbar installed? ...

I have just met the first one (Eric Johnston), but he removed it so that
doesn't count anymore.

> ... Even more important, any
> spy-removal software will warn you about Alexa's toolbar and will prompt
> you to un-install it. Since there are less and less people having the
> toolbar, the rank becomes less and less accurate to the point that it's
> just ridiculous right now.
> Is there something to worry about Alexa? Yes there is! Never ever order
> the deep crawl of your own site (also it's not so ethical to do it to your
> competitor). Their bot will go out to your site and on a site big enough
> will suck up couple gigabytes in a matter of hours. That may cost you some
> extra traffic fees. And may potentially bring a not-so-strong dynamic site
> down.

Are you referring to the Web Archive? I once 'invited' it, but it didn't
appear to devour much traffic.

I sure agree that by accommodating for crawlers that bring no benefit back
(e.g. MSN which gives me about one referral for each 1,000 hits from MSNBot
), you slow down the server/site, thereby losing visitors and damaging your
'profile' in other crawlers, which may assume your site is slow in terms of


Roy S. Schestowitz

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