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Re: houghi

Harold Stevens wrote:

> In <3m82ajF157lcaU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ac:
> [Snip...]
>> Experience suggests that companies either grow or shrink.
> Well, yes; that's an obvious tautology. So does anybody now remember Enron
> for its growth? No, it's remembered for its malignant destruction of value
> and community. That's embodied in moral disciplines such as buddhism, with
> right livelihood, among others. There's nothing exceptionally new here.
> M$ is headed that same way. They are not going to be remembered for making
> some sliver of humanity immensely wealthy. They are going to be remembered
> for a sociopathic drive to destroy the "market" they claim to cherish, and
> the basic human rights of free speech and association.

Where do you get the arguments about human rights? I enjoy digging dirt as
much as the next guy when it comes to Microsoft, but how do human rights
come into the equation? The Windows licences that until recently were too
expensive in undeveloped countries? Are you referring to the
anti-competitive practices?

> Anybody else think Google's "Don't Be Evil" is becoming almost quaint?

Google taught me to love software and to contribute rather than take. I have
no doubt in mind mind that Google, who are big Linux supporters and a Linux
success story, inspire many others around the world. We are yet to see how
they cope with yet more anti-competitive perils such as that search bar in
Internet Explorer 7.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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