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Re: spam blogs and IBLs

Fritz M wrote:

> There are a ton of spam blogs out there and it's very annoying. Every
> spam blog that I've bothered to look at exists for the purpose of
> generating inbound links for a target website, which is often an
> affiliate site plus PPC and a ton of scraped content. Only rarely are
> they even in Google's cache, which leads me to believe that spam blogs
> just don't work. I've even found a site that promises for the low low
> price of $25/month to automate the process of creating your spam blog
> for you. I comment about this product more here:
>  http://www.masoner.net/redmountain/2005/08/spamblog-in-box.html

Spam blogs (which include so-called SEO blogs) perhaps worked in the past,
but search engines and pinging services immediately took measures to
prevent their success. See this very recent item from Matt who founded and
runs Ping-O-Matic. That service served over a quarter of a billion pings


Some say that as many as 80% of blogs are spam, but I believe that this is
judged by the wrong criteria.

> What do you all think? Do spamblogs work? Is it a matter of execution?
> If they weren't so clumsy could they be made to work? Are there
> examples of sublime spam blogs that do what they're supposed to do?

I once saw some chiropractor who created so-called Chiropratic blogs for
each State in America (Blogspot IIRC). With links all over the place and
many automated pings sent to Ping-O-Matic, I don't know if he/she acheived
something, but nonetheless it's vexing. WordPress.com is now allowing
people to start blogs based on /invites/, much as Google did with GMail.

> Regards,

If the majority (or half) of E-mail traffic is spam, I can imagine the same
will happen with hypertext. I already see many hundreds of sites that are
refrrer spam in my logs. It's almost as if I need a Bayesian spam filter
just to know who links to me.

Content spam is another big issue. Filtering in the search engines' side
that should take care of that. The least we can do is help <
http://www.google.com/contact/spamreport.html >. We will see the same
things happening to sites as we already see in E-mail. For example, a
search engine might wrongly classify your site as spam. The item I just
wrote about Netcraft relates to this very same topic. Even in Google News I
sometimes follow spammy sites...


Roy S. Schestowitz

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