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Re: Access key that actually follows a link

jameshamilton777@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I want to make my website properly accessible. I want to assign keys
> that navigate to a different page when pressed.

These usually cause problems. You ought to at least be aware of that. There
are collision in key sequences that cause signals to be devoured or

> I've looked into the accesskey attribute, but under IE that involves
> pressing the ALT key with the accelerator, and then pressing return.

Yes, in NS-based browsers it's just ALT+key which would raise plenty of
conflicts. I think that in Mac's IE5 and Safari it's the the Apple key+key
so conflicts should be expected as well.

> Is there a way that you can define an access key to just follow a link,
> without pressing ALT and without having to press RETURN?

I hope you are not very serious about this. It is not possible unless you
use JavaScript and it would be a bad idea nonetheless. For example, when I
press a key (any character), a search on the page is performed which
highlights the text (it's an accessibility feature). If you implemeted what
you have in mind, you would antagonise your visitors. You need to have a
very valid reason to do so.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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