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Re: Battery of Zire71 doesn't charge anymore?

MARCY wrote:

> I have a Zire71 for about 2,5 years I think and think that my battery
> doesn't charge anymore. I haven't run into the problem that my Zire went
> complete without charge, but to mee it seems that that battery icon on the
> display don't "fill-up" anymore. Is this a common problen after 2,5 years.
> I just seem to me this occured from one day on the other. Any suggestions
> how I can further more check thus?
> thanks
> john
> sorry for my worse english/explaniation

The best thing to do is to check using a battery meter. I think that in
modern models it is built onto "Prefs", but with older models you might
need to install it:


You should now be able see what the figures look like while the Palm is in
the cradle charging. I can vaguely recall something about the lightening
bolt not being a great indicator of what is actually happening. Either way,
have a go with batmon (which in itself isn't guaranteed to give precise
figures) and see if no charge is apparent.

The age of your Zire should not be an issue, but if you used it very, very
frequently, then perhaps the battery reached the verge of exhaustion. I
don't think this would justify a different charge status though.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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