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Re: Is there a reverse look up?

On Friday 19 August 2005 19:37, www.1-script.com wrote:

> Gymdandy@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I know you can go to whois.com and look up who owns which website
>> domain, but is there a place where you can find out all `domain names
>> owned by an individual?
>> For instance, if John Smith owns, www.example.com is there a place I
>> can
>> go look up all the additional domain names owned by that person?
> Reverse lookup is actually a term, and it means finding the domain that
> resolves to the IP address that you are interested in. What you are asking
> is impossible. BTW, a persons name is not a reliable search term: how many
> John Smiths are out there? You would have to actually own one of whois
> databases to perform a search like that, and it will be still incomplete.
> Good luck with getting your hands around one of those databases!

All I can suggest is that you use the related sites/pages feature, which I
believe is provided by many. Alexa are spying on some users and will
possibly point you to other sites accessed/owned by the Webmaster as well
as sites he/she often links to. To get the Webmaster's full details
quickly, you can use the A9 profile for the site rather than a whois.net

It is all far from easy, but this is as close as you get can, or so I
suspect. If the Webmaster sticks with the same host, you can get listings
of all sites and owners in Netscraft (assuming the host is not too


Roy S. Schestowitz        Useless fact: Digits 772-777 of Pi are 999999

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