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Re: Streaming audio using m3u playlist file

On Sunday 21 August 2005 16:40, Barry Koopersmith wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> On Sunday 21 August 2005 04:46, Barry Koopersmith wrote:
>>>I created a webpage with this line of code:
>>><a href="Scenic-3songs.m3u">(streaming with WinAmp)</a>
>>>The referenced "Scenic-3songs.m3u" file contains this one line:
>>>Here is the webpage:
>>>When I view the webpage in Mozilla Firefox, Netscape or Opera, when I
>>>click on the link, it pops up the WinAmp mp3 player and it immediately
>>>starts streaming and playing the referenced 11 mb size mp3 file. When I
>>>view and click on the link in Internet Explorer (version 6.0), it pops
>>>up the WinAmp mp3 player but it does not play the mp3 file. When I view
>>>the html file locally on my computer in Internet Explorer and click on
>>>the link, it pops up WinAmp and plays the mp3 immediately.
>>>What code can I use that will stream the mp3 file in Internet Explorer
>>>on the website (as well as the other web browsers)?
>>>Thanks to anyone who can help me out.
>> I suspect that you need to configure Internet Explorer to pass control to
>> Winamp differently. It's natural to imagine that winamp.exe is passed
>> some extra arguments that tell it how to handle the input file (e.g.
>> enqueue, play). To say it differently, I don't think you should be
>> dealing with this at source code level unless there is some M$-specific
>> hack, which would not be valid HTML. This still doesn't explain why you
>> get a different behaviour when viewing the page locally. Does the MP3
>> file reside locally as well? I assume not.
>> Try to change your filetypes in Windows and see if the default
>> application for opening MP3 files gets assigned different behaviours
>> depending on where it comes from.
>> It is also worth mentioning that by embedding the URL's in an
>> application-specific (Winamp) format, you might peril users who use other
>> players. XMMS playlists, for example, are constructed differently.
>> Roy
> Does the mp3 play in Internet Explorer if anybody else clicks that link?
> Please let me know.

I can't check at the moment as I have no access to a machine running
Windows, however...

> Is there a better method for streaming mp3 files on a webpage (so it
> starts playing immediately instead of waiting until the entire file
> downloads)?

RealPlayer appear to play music immediately. Making an .rm or .ram version
wouldn't hurt if you have the conversion software already. Bear in mind, as
Spartanicus said:

"There are many media players capable of handling m3u/mp3 files, leave
that choice to the user, don't assume that they use the same player that
you use."

If I were to click a link to an MP3 file on your site, it would open up in
RealPlayer, which means it would not interfere with my current playlists in
XMMS. Never assume anything as regards the set preferences, application or
platform. I suggest you leave that to the user and worry less whether an
extra click is necessary or not. Add a gentle reminder to the visitor
saying that he/she might need to start the audio explicitly. When I click a
link to an MP3, I first get the choice as to whether I want it saved or
opened. The one click 'magic' can never be guaranteed.


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder"

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