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Re: This Newsgroup's Troll

On Monday 22 August 2005 14:43, simplestuff@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> You may have noticed a troll that constantly posts spam under the name
>> ramikishan. I filed for abuse, but Google haven't intercepted him yet.
>> Could somebody else help in ending this?
>> Forward his/her messages to groups-abuse@xxxxxxxxxx with an appended
>> message body like:
>> This user always shows up under the same name. He posts spam to
>> alt.internet.search-engines every day on average.
> Hey Roy,
> Well, a person goes away for awhile and all hell breaks loose with a
> new bothersome troll. I feel your pain. His site is primitive to say
> the least, and his stuff is spam. It takes awhile for this type of spam
> to stop. Just killfile him so you don't have to see his messages or get
> them downloaded. I know that is much help...but you can feel better
> just by getting it out and complaining anyway. Have you seen his site.
> If you need a laugh...jsut go and visit it.:-)

There's a saying...

"Seeing bad movies only encourages them"

So by following the links I will only make it an indication of success to
the spammer. *smile*

> Did you report his spamming to the hosting company? That may help some.
> Stacey

John Bokma did. Thanks for the suggestions, Stacey.


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Software sucks. Open Source sucks less."

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