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Re: Unusual Google Crawling Surge

___/ On Wednesday 24 August 2005 17:15, [www.1-script.com] wrote : \___

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Hmmmm.... that sounds pretty grim. Will we never regain that traffic
>> without
>> effort (i.e. all passive)? Damn that 'post bourbon' update. As I
>> previously
>> said, nothing at all changed in the site for 6 months apart from
>> content
>> which got added. It seems to be down to the Google algorithms that
>> change/adapt/get hand-tweaked rather than change or adaptation in Web
>> sites. That said, maybe it is high time we re-adapt.
>> Roy
> Well, I would not say 'never'. Since I'm suspecting my recent IP address
> change added to this trouble, at some point in time the new IP will be old
> enough and the site will get re-evaluated to the same rank it was before
> (hopefully). That, of course, is contingent upon me not making any SEO
> mistakes that would lower the ratings.
> Oh, one other thing I noted and wanted to run by you, Roy (since you're
> also experiencing traffic drop). Several days before the drop Googlebot
> showed very unusual activity (about 10 times as many requests a day as
> usual) for couple days. This actually could very well have brought my site
> to its knees during those high Google traffic days, which may also have
> contributed to the lower SERPs. Have you seen any unusual Googlebot
> activity few days prior to 08/19/05?

Google has crawled the site more than ever before. Googlebot alone snatched
423 MB since the beginning of the month. To see if there was a rise in
terms of requests on the 19th of the month I would need some scripts....
hmmmmm.... where could I get some scripts??? 3, 2, 1...  Never mind...

Anyhow, traffic has been unusually high this month. I remember that early on
I predicted that crawlers would exceed a gigabyte by the end of this month.
This, in some rough sense, indicates that nothing particularly interesting
happened recently. Traffic remained quite consistent, I suppose.

Somebody here suggested that Google have apparent cycles when it comes to
hammering the servers slightly harder (which potentially ranks speed at a
lower percentile). The one to suggest that had a small site, so I suppose
it was easy to tell when it got neglected by crawlers altogether.

I have just checked one of my other sites and traffic in that site appears
to have not changed.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Roy S. Schestowitz        chmod a-r *.mbox

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