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Re: Links Update and PageRank

___/ On Friday 26 August 2005 08:44, [Mikkel Møldrup-Lakjer] wrote : \___

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> skrev i en meddelelse
> news:demb9e$2s15$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Speaking of backlinks, according to a prediction table that has been
>> quite reliable thus far, backlinks update is over a week overdue...
> Doesn't the fact that PR and backlinks updates are independent (not
> synchronised) indicate that PR is not calculated from the visible
> backlinks (by the link: commando) but from a larger set of links detected
> by Google?
> Mikkel

I sure hope so and believe so. I have seen sites with PR7 and only about a
dozen of 'detected' inbound links (I haven't checked the prominence of the
links due to lack of interest).

Links that are not listed among the BL search results sure divert some
traffic to the site being cited. Many would argue so based on evidence. I
don't think that Google lack the space to run some simple link counter and
keep incremanting it whenever a reference gets indicated. If Technorati,
being so small and futile compared with Google's data warehouses, can pick
up links in almost real-time, you can bet your bippy so can Google and the

More random thoughts:

- There were some speculations that Google might take over Technorati one
day... not from a reliable source though.

- I wonder if BL updates not showing up instantly is somehow related to dis-
and encouraging spammers. 


Roy S. Schestowitz        $> unzip; ping; mount /usr; grep; umount& sleep

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