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Re: Linux Becomes Female?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
I imagine it was the neat programming environment and SSH (i.e. less leg
work). Honestly. That's how I became dependent on Linux and learned to love
it not for being "not Windows", but for doing exactly what I needed.

Perfect, does what you need. Naming conventions are irrelevant.

The names never appeared professionals to me. Persistent use and experience
taught me to dispose of the naming stereotype. It is a peril that many, not
just myself, must overcome.

This is something you really do need to get over.

That's another issue. A one-man piece of software will have repellent
characteristics to the prospective user. That's why companies try to
glorify themselves, often by giving the illluion of /scale/. How often do
you see a name of a person in a Mac/Windows-bundled application?

I find it repellent that I have no idea what i'm using with the closed and proprietary nature of most Mac and all Windows apps.

Often the solace to most of us... those who insist and use a poor operating
system hinder themsleves. Nonetheless, what will you do when your (mine
actually) mother suffers from viruses, a bloted Registry and system
crashes? What do you do when your son wants to buy a computer for gaming
and the cost of that machine is well over $1000? Or when the IT support
people implement Windows- or IE-only systems?

My mom uses Linux. My brother uses Linux. I've got my family and some close friends using Linux. I don't have a son, but he'll use Linux. And maybe dual-boot for those games that all the kids just must have these days. There are always ways around the Windows-IE only systems requirements.

-- Let's not complicate our relationship by trying to communicate with each other.

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